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What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy is a specialized area of therapy that focuses on helping individuals develop the skills they need to engage in daily activities, play, work, and socially interact. Occupational Therapists work with individuals of various ages while addressing a large spectrum of physical, cognitive, and sensory challenges that can impact their ability to participate fully in life. Whether someone is struggling with fine motor skills like writing and drawing, gross motor skills like crawling and walking, or social and emotional development, occupational therapy can help. Through various activities and techniques, occupational therapists can support development and help individuals reach their full potential.


Sensory Integration and Processing, one of the Occupational Therapy (OT) services available at WITH Therapy Services

Sensory Integration and Processing

  • Sensory integration and processing refers to the brain’s ability to interpret and respond appropriately to sensory information from the environment. It involves organizing and making sense of sensory input such as touch, sight, sound, taste, and movement.

  • OT at WITH: We utilize sensory-based interventions and therapeutic activities to help individuals improve sensory regulation, enhance sensory discrimination, and promote successful participation in daily activities.

Motor Skills

Motor Skills OTs utilize diverse approaches to support children in the development of gross motor, fine motor, and visual motor skills. Gross motor skills entail movements of large muscles, such as walking, crawling, and jumping, while fine motor skills involve movements of smaller muscles, such as grasping, manipulating objects, and writing. Visual motor skills require coordination between visual input and motor output, such as catching a ball or copying shapes and letters. By focusing on the development of these skills, OT at WITH can help children attain the competencies they need to engage in daily activities and thrive to their maximum potential.

Visual Motor Skills

  • Visual motor skills involve the coordination between the visual system and motor skills, enabling individuals to accurately interpret and respond to visual information. These skills are essential for tasks such as reading, writing, drawing, and hand-eye coordination.

  • OT at WITH: We offer individualized interventions focusing on visual perception, eye-hand coordination, and visual tracking to enhance individuals’ visual motor skills, facilitating improved performance in tasks such as reading, writing, and fine motor activities.

Self Care Skills, one of the Occupational Therapy (OT) services available at WITH Therapy Services

Self-Care Skills

  • Self-care skills include activities related to personal hygiene, grooming, and dressing, allowing individuals to independently care for their own physical well-being.

  • OT at WITH: We focus on developing independence in self-care activities through adaptive techniques, environmental modifications, and skill-building exercises, enabling individuals to confidently manage tasks such as bathing, dressing, and grooming.

Social/Emotional OT

Social Emotional OT can be a valuable resource for children with social and emotional difficulties such as turn taking, sharing, and self regulating. OTs may work with children to develop skills such as communication, problem-solving, and emotional regulation through play-based activities, social stories, and sensory integration techniques. At WITH, children can improve their ability to form relationships, manage their emotions, and navigate social situations, leading to greater success and fulfillment in their daily lives.


  • Social/emotional skills encompass an individual’s ability to interact and communicate effectively with others, regulate emotions, and engage in meaningful social relationships.

  • OT at WITH: Our holistic approach includes interventions to build social skills, emotional regulation, and self-awareness, fostering positive social interactions, emotional well-being, and meaningful relationships in various settings and contexts.

Social Emotional, one of the Occupational Therapy (OT) services available at WITH Therapy Services
Gross Motor Skills, one of the Occupational Therapy (OT) services available at WITH Therapy Services

Gross Motor Skills

  • Gross motor skills refer to the ability to control and coordinate the large muscles of the body for activities such as walking, running, jumping, and balancing. These skills are crucial for overall physical development and participation in various physical activities.

  • OT at WITH: We provide targeted interventions to improve strength, coordination, balance, and posture, empowering individuals to confidently engage in gross motor activities and physical play.

Fine Motor Skills

  • Fine motor skills involve the coordination and control of small muscles, particularly those in the hands and fingers. These skills are necessary for tasks such as writing, buttoning clothes, using utensils, and manipulating small objects.
  • OT at WITH: Through specialized interventions, we address fine motor challenges by targeting hand dexterity, finger strength, bilateral coordination, and precision, helping individuals achieve independence in tasks such as writing, self-care, and manipulating objects.
Fine Motor Skills, one of the Occupational Therapy (OT) services available at WITH Therapy Services
Handwriting, one of the Occupational Therapy (OT) services available at WITH Therapy Services


  • Handwriting encompasses the ability to form letters, write legibly, and maintain appropriate letter size, spacing, and alignment. It plays a vital role in academic success and functional communication.
  • OT at WITH: We  employ evidence-based strategies to address underlying fine motor, visual motor, and perceptual skills, promoting efficient and functional handwriting abilities for children and adults.

Home Management

  • Home management skills encompass the ability to perform household tasks and maintain an organized living environment. These skills involve planning, organizing, cleaning, cooking, and managing daily responsibilities within the home setting.

  • OT at WITH: We provide practical strategies, adaptive equipment recommendations, and training to promote independence in household tasks, empowering individuals to effectively manage their living environment and daily responsibilities.
Home Management, one of the Occupational Therapy (OT) services available at WITH Therapy Services
Community Management, one of the Occupational Therapy (OT) services at WITH Therapy Services

Community Management

  • Community management skills involve the ability to navigate and participate in various community settings and activities, such as shopping, using public transportation, and engaging in social events.

  • OT at WITH: We work collaboratively with individuals, addressing challenges related to mobility, navigation, social interactions, and environmental adaptation, enabling active participation in community settings and activities.

Medication Management

  • Medication management refers to the ability to independently and safely manage one’s medications, including understanding dosages, schedules, and any potential interactions or side effects.
  • OT at WITH: We offer comprehensive support in medication management, providing education, strategies, and adaptive tools to facilitate medication organization, reminders, and administration for optimal health maintenance.
Medication Management, one of the Occupational Therapy (OT) services available at WITH Therapy Services
Cognitive Functioning, one of the Occupational Therapy (OT) services available at WITH Therapy Services

Cognitive Functioning

  • Cognitive functioning refers to the mental processes involved in acquiring, processing, storing, and retrieving information. It includes abilities such as memory, attention, focus, and information processing.
  • OT at WITH: Using evidence-based techniques, we design personalized interventions to improve attention span, memory skills, executive functions, and information processing, empowering individuals to optimize their cognitive abilities for daily life tasks.